Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun ways to wear a scarf!

Honestly, some people just ooze style, they have style dripping out of their pores. The sneeze style! Ok, you catch my drift...please see below:
PS: this is in repsonse to a reader wanting to know various ways to wear a scarf :)
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Pics Courtesy of Elle

Shoptox is over!

Well the day finally arrived. I never thought I would make it but here I am: 40 days without having made a single clothing or cosmetics purchase. Obvious question to follow would be something like: how do you feel? Are you a better person for it? Will you go shopping now that this task is over? Answers are: fantastic, yes and of course!

I assumed shoptox would be difficult. After all, I read magazines constantly, work in downtown Montreal where pretty much any store is a few steps away and I work for magazines. My entire surrounding environment screams buy me! And yet, I was able to resist.

With this shopt tox comes a few advantages: I was able to save some money. I also feel like my mind is clear of some clutter. I have less in my closet and therefore getting ready in the morning is that much easier. With the step back I have taken from constant shopping, I now have a clearer idea of what I will want to purchase next time I hit the stores (i.e.: ASAP). Seriously, this shoptox is good and all, but girl needs a new going out top for this weekend! Later ;)