Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fun ways to wear a scarf!

Honestly, some people just ooze style, they have style dripping out of their pores. The sneeze style! Ok, you catch my drift...please see below:
PS: this is in repsonse to a reader wanting to know various ways to wear a scarf :)
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Pics Courtesy of Elle


Romany said...

Ooh what a cool idea.
I really like your blog, by the way. I think I'm going to add you to my favourites, so - want to link?

Bocadelobo said...

i loveur blog
u're so cool
have a great day!


i love wearing scarves, and ive proally worn it every single way possible haha great post :) and i love how you put all ur pics into little notebook like that!

coco said...

What I'm into is that white skirt with the black tights!

Sammie said...

lovely blog. i love the ideas on different ways to wear scarves, it helps me a lot!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy your blog! it´s so useful!
And congratulatiosn for your 40 days without shop... i could´t do it!

Trendini said...

thanks everyone for the great comments! and yes, scarves are H.O.T.