Sunday, April 01, 2007

BOOK THIS LOOK- Sarah Jessica Parker

This would not be a blog about fashion without at least a few SJP hommages. Her style can be at times ecclectic, glamorous or casual but always efforteless. Isn't that, in the end, what we all want: The impression that we just picked a few random pieces from our closet and acheived a look worthy of André Leon Tally's approval.

The final touch to this outfit is what seems to be some sort of bow behind each shoe. If you are this gung-ho about obtaining the full look, may I suggest you do it MacGyver style:

Pay a visit to your local fabric/crafts store.
Pick up some taffeta (or any other fabric ressembling this that is not too flimsy and will stay put).
Make the a bow and pin it to the back of each shoe.

Voila! People will be stopping YOU in the streets to ask why you picked BIG over Aidan.