Saturday, May 05, 2007

Seriously Jeans Bikini Pants?...Seriously...?

I must admit that my writing intentions this morning have slightly shifted. I came across this picture (see below) and felt that it was my duty as a human being to report this foul trend from Sanna's (a Brazilian store) which I hope will not catch on up here in Canada.

Seeing as it brings out all kinds of emotions in me, I felt the need to show you, dear reader, all the angles of this fugly trend.

Check it out:

And to answer all your questions:
1) Yes, it is what you think
2) Yes, both parts are sewn together
3) No, I don't think you can wear any underwear with that...
4) Yes, yes, these are available online
5) I can double check but I dont think you can ask the police to give fines to offenders
6) That's true: even Britney would frown upon this
7) I do agree that it makes a perfect Halloween costume- An Exotic Dancer on Her Day Off
8) You're right, the mini jewels bring it down to a whole other level I did not think existed...
But I guess to each his own and it's for reasons like this we live in a free country?