Saturday, May 05, 2007

Seriously Jeans Bikini Pants?...Seriously...?

I must admit that my writing intentions this morning have slightly shifted. I came across this picture (see below) and felt that it was my duty as a human being to report this foul trend from Sanna's (a Brazilian store) which I hope will not catch on up here in Canada.

Seeing as it brings out all kinds of emotions in me, I felt the need to show you, dear reader, all the angles of this fugly trend.

Check it out:

And to answer all your questions:
1) Yes, it is what you think
2) Yes, both parts are sewn together
3) No, I don't think you can wear any underwear with that...
4) Yes, yes, these are available online
5) I can double check but I dont think you can ask the police to give fines to offenders
6) That's true: even Britney would frown upon this
7) I do agree that it makes a perfect Halloween costume- An Exotic Dancer on Her Day Off
8) You're right, the mini jewels bring it down to a whole other level I did not think existed...
But I guess to each his own and it's for reasons like this we live in a free country?


Fashion Critic said...

Oh MY GAWD...who would seriously design such a thing?

This is the sort of thing I would expect to see in hip hop videos

BeautyGirl23 said...

These are the uglist jeans on the planet.

This is not something that would just be in hip hop video but also kid rock videos.

Anonymous said...

This is just plain wrong on all levels.

Anonymous said...

I don't know WHO'S hip-hop video's YOU'VE been watching but this denim vomit would definitely not find it's way on national television.

Anonymous said...

Worse jeans ever!!! I NEED a pair right now!

Anonymous said...

Woah, a "trend"? That you hope it won't catch on in Canada? Ok, to start, being a Brazilian myself, I have NEVER seen anyone wear such a hideous thing in Brazil. So, please don't say this is a trend. It's just a store selling garbage, like we have all over the world. They just happen to be carrying our flag this time.

Second, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought the whole low-rise-pants-showing-thong look started in North America, no? Having lived for many years in Canada, I've had my share of seeing half bare butts on lecture chairs... *shudders*

Just my two cents...

Othalia said...

OK...First of allI never said the trend was Brazilian...I said it came from a Brazilian store.
and yes, It was very North American (and very tacky) to let the thong hang out from pants (which would equally make me shudder and gag) but I have yet to see this specific look (thank goodness) on anyone in Montreal..whew!
And no, I do not think the Brazilians started this... (just that store) Brazilians have a better rep than that.

Anonymous said...

Montrealers rock, I have to say. Some years ago that's all you saw in the streets of Toronto (I mean, 'the' look I won't mention again).

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude on my last post. When I saw the line "I hope (the trend) will not catch on up here in Canada." it just freaked me out that anyone would think it's a trend in Brazil and that people actually walk around wearing that.


Othalia said...

No worries...I understand. I dont think it would cross people's minds Brazil is known for its beauty and very good looking women (and models) who wear nice bikins and classy trends :)
you are lucky to be living there...what I would give to avoid Montreal winter...and the food must be soooooooooo yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Actually these are from a Japanese fashion firm which just happens to have the name "Brazil" in it. Those wacky Japanese were also the first to come out with the jeans with the "clear polyurethane window" in the butt. Need I say more?