Thursday, September 24, 2009

The American Apparel Circle Scarf

I was having brunch with some friends last weekend and as we were getting ready to leave, I noticed my friends scarf.  Strange I thought- it was like one wide tube.  So I asked her what the deal was and she proceeded to explain with much enthusiasm that the scarf was from American Apparel.  The Circle Scarf is made from all the leftover fabric not used on any garments.  She was not too keen on spending $34 on scrap but she appreciated the versatility so much that she was going to bight the bullet and purchase another.  Apparently there are like 5 million ways you can wear this circle scarf.  Now seeing as efficiency and practicality are my middle names (seriously check out my birth certificate),  I was down with this circle scarf.  It's pricey for what you get but...but the cost per wear is pretty darn great.  Imagine a scarf that's a skirt that's a dress that's a shawl that's a cape.  Pretty cool.  If spending $34 for a tube of fabric does not tickle your fancy,(regardless of its uber-versatility),  the internet provides us with a few DIY solutions:
Chic Inspector has a great piece on how to make your own circle scarf.
Trendology made her own scarf from an old curtain.

Chictopia shows us a few suggestions on how to wear the scarf.
If you like You Tube, check out the Circle Scarf Tutorial by Owlsayhoot
Purchase your own here:

Picture 18

Noteworthy Blog- Idle Fascination

Lookbook is a great blog, don't get me wrong.  It's chock full o' yummy visuals and where to purchase said visuals for an equally yummy price.  But there are many fabulous blogs out there.  One that I feel the need to highlight is Idle Fascination- packed with witty commentary and up to the minute trends, its definitely worth a read... am just sayin'... 

Check it out here :)