Thursday, December 06, 2007

Book This Look- Joy Bryant

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Where to Shop

Tights- Nine West $9
Belt- The Gap $17 sale

Dress- Pink Mascara $198
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When Silver and Gold Collide!

Where To Shop:
The Tops
2) Neiman Marcus $298.00
3) ASOS $40.00
4) Kenneth Cole $98.00
The Scarves
1) Marciano $68.00
2) Bebe $14.00 sale
3) ASOS $10.00
4) Shop Intuition $108.00 each
Complete the Look:
3) Skinny Jeans La Redoute $35.00

So what are your thoughts on mixing and matching silver and gold?


I do it all the time!

Ideal for Holidays but does not float my boat for the rest of the year...

Meh...don't really have an opinion

I don't like shiny clothing...makes me feel like an xmas tree free polls


Where To Shop

Top- MINT, Jodi Arnold $341.00 Net a Porter

**um, while doing this post, I came to realize the ridiculousness of the price of said blouse. While the cut is fantabulous and the color is amazing, let's be honest, we can easily find a cheaper one that will still give you equal parts pizzazz and sophistication. I'll see if I can find one and post it on Cheap Vs. Steep.