Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Giveaway!! Powerhouse Performance Coaching

Hey Lookbook readers!
I have another giveaway for you- please see details below! 
The first person to email me at wins these fitness cards.  
Summer is on its way yalls- time to get in shape! :)

Hit the Deck Fitness Cards:
PowerHouse Hit The Deck™ is an innovative fitness device for at home or on-the-go that tones the body while burning off stress hormones.  The easy-to-use, cost-conscious product consists of a programmable interval timer and 30 cards divided into three categories: No Sweating, I’m Glistening and Sweating Buckets.  Each category contains exercises that challenge all major muscle groups for a comprehensive total body strength-training and cardiovascular workout, using no equipment.  The length of each workout is determined by how many cards are selected and timed using an interval timer.  Jenny recommends beginning with 30-second intervals unless the user is new to intense physical activity.  PowerHouse Hit The Deck™ makes it easy to get a great workout each and every time.  It is conveniently designed to be used for 30 minutes straight or in small 10 minute sessions which can be completed throughout the day. 
Retail Cost: $19.99

Some Lunchtime Blogbrowsing

Hey Lookbook readers!
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