Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Lace em up!

Fall has presented us with a vast array of shoes that made us salivate profusely and gasp in unison “ooooh, so hhhhhottt!”
The styles run the gamut from the stacked heel to the everlasting peep toe to the ever present flat (adorned with jewels, lined in gold trims, with a feather on the side…you name it, it’s there).

But coming up from behind these all stars is the one I am the most iffy about. But then again my style is so plain Jane, I buy Gap Wide Leg Pants (which by the way are so fabulous especially if you have short legs because you discover ankle length pants-no hemming! and you realize that they make their sizes big so all of a sudden you are a size 2- the last time you were a size 2, you were 2! and they are so comfortable and there are even loops for your skinny belts and pockets so you can put your hands in them and casually look cool like in the ad as you wait for the bus in the a.m and you jump up and down in the change room and squeal with joy and are embarrassed when the sales person gives you the once over as you exit and saunter off (or do you skip??) to the cash with your newfound pants with CUFFS in hand- life is simply amazing).

But I digress…

The oxford...oh right...
It is omni present, that I cannot lie. I am not revealing a new trend that will be in stores in the future. I stand before you stating the obvious. The oxford is everywhere- laces, heels…all of it.

Now whether I am feeling it or not, that’s a whole other issue. Granted I have been schooled by the numerous fashion editors of the world that this is it…this is the “it” shoe. They have even had the decency of telling me how to wear the darn trend. As a matter of fact, if they were next to me right now they would say something like “Daahhhling, you know those wide leg pants you bought, they would look mmaaahvelous with the oxford"- I assume all fashion editors have a some sort of an intimidating accent, I don’t know why- "and dear, they would fit right in with opaque tights and the pencil skirt or even with that must have grey have a jumper right??”.

Digressing again…

In the end, in conclusion, in my opinion (however you wish to call it) the shoe is not for me but I feel the need to acknowledge and emphasize its existence in the world we call Fall 2007 simply because I have a strong opinion on it and because I wanted to have an excuse to talk about my new wide leg pants (and no, I swear I don’t work for The Gap). You can wear the shoes as per the fashion editors suggestions above, or you can roll your eyes at them cuz you think they look wack, or even better (do like me!) get yourself another pair of flats! I love flats! You know what else I love: wide legs pants, oh yeah.

In any case, Get Your Oxford at:

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