Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Grammy Fashion- Hits and Misses

The 52nd annual Grammy's were held tonight. There were a few fashion hits and some misses.  Not sure if you all had the chance to watch the Grammy's  but it was worthwhile, albeit a bit long.  However, seeing Elton and Gaga on the piano, Jamie and T-Pain blaming it on the a-a-a-alcohol, and the gut wrenching performance from Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli made me forget that I had a case of the Sunday nights.  Oh and did I mention the fashion?  Check out a few noteworthy looks below.  Wishin yalls a happy start to the week.  I cannot believe it is February already:P

Picture 29

Picture 27

Pics courtesy of Just Jared

Some Spring Trends Inspired by J.Crew

Yes I am fully aware that I am jumping the gun in terms of Spring talk but I am just too excited to sit still!  This year brings us an abundance of trends and covering them all will be my pleasure!  Seeing as I have had a passionate unrequited love affair with J Crew for the better part of my 20's, what better way to start this spring trend conversation than with some of their lovely pieces.  Their stuff is not in my itty bitty tiny budget but hey, a girl can always dream.  Enjoy!
Picture 28

1) Necklace $135
2) Tank top $138

Book This Look- Brandy

Picture 26

1) Lace leggings- Soma $20.30
2) Dress- Asos $48
3) Boots- Asos $255