Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Style Inspiration: Boyfriend blazers and florals!

Not being part of the print crowd makes it very hard for me to handle season where all we see are pretty prints.  I am not 100% keen on wearing a full out floral dress (I feel like I'll stand out too much or something). However, pairing the floral print under what I believe is still one of the hottest and most versatile pieces around (the bf blazer) make it that much less print-ey and floral-ey.  It's the perfect way to rock the print trend without scraing yourself (if you are a print avoider like me) ;) Enjoy!

Picture 3

1) Boyfriend blazer- Asos $95
2) Boyfriend blazer- Nordstrom $32
3) Floral Dress- Delia's $45
4) Floral Top- The Gap $50