Monday, April 12, 2010

Book This Look- Beyonce

Picture 30

1) Cut off shorts Pac Sun $43
2) Tweed Jacket Talbots $170
3) T Shirt Top Shop $50
4) Necklace Tilly's $8
5) Pumps Steve Madden at Endless $ 100

What an interesting look- not something you see every day which is why I felt the need to book it.  I am really loving how Beyonce picked the ladylike tweed jacket to pair the cut off shorts with when she could have easily opted for the boyfriend blazer or even the "let's emphasize the fact that shoulder pads or even shoulders for that matter are in" blazer.  Kudos to Beyonce- the pink is refreshing, the layered necklaces are not over the top and the cut off shorts cut off just right and show off those killer legs of hers. Awesome.