Monday, April 16, 2007

Sacré Bleu!

Remember when we were young and pink was for girls and blue was for boys? You remember that blue? It was not like a baby or a teal blue, nor was it a navy blue. This was your basic "Hi, I am a 5 year old boy look at my bedsheet" blue or "Hey, what's up I am a crayola box, let me introduce you to Blue". Many would refer to it as cobalt blue. It is being presented in stores now with the yellows and kelly greens.

It is clear that cobalt blue is very spring/summer 2007.

The color can be seen on everyone from (Parker Posey in Lucky April 2007 to Kate and Cameron in Harpers Bazaar February 2007)

Cobalt blue is also quite present within Canadian Retailers such as Bedo, Dynamite, Smart Set, Reitmans, Costa Blanca, Winners...the list goes on and on.

Now comes fun part: what to wear with the blue. May I suggest a pair of basic white pants guessed it...some black leggings (as seen here). While you are at it, the bright blue will look exceptionally sharp with a lighter shade of grey, be it a dress, scarf or a skirt. Gold jewelry also looks fresh with this bright shade (check out the gold pendant on the UB top below).

So go! Spread your wings and shop (til your blue in the face) my dearest blog reader/ fashion extraordinaire.

Blue is no longer just for boys...or their bedsheets for that matter...