Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Piped Blazer!

I am loving the piped blazer. Ever since Balenciaga re-introduced us school boy prep meets ethnic luxe, I have been all over the look and those fabulous piped blazers. I am currently in a battle within myself. Ill be moving to Costa Rica for a few months to learn Spanish. This move takes place in early November. Therefore, there is no point in me buying said blazer seeing as a) ill be jobless for a few months so I cannot spend $ and b) last I checked, there is no need for a blazer in a lazy Costa Rican beach town lest I try to channel the most out of place fashion diva everrrr. People may stare… what with their flip flops, denim shorts and tanks… I don’t even think they accessorize much- they are too busy surfing, admiring the rainforest and eating fresh fish... In any case, I have resorted to getting my fix of the piped blazer online. Various shapes, colors, and prices- oh my!

Where to Shop

1- Arden B $128

2-Bloomingdale's $190

3- The Gap $98

4- Forever 21 $34

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I discovered your blog accidentaly a couple of months ago and simply LOVE IT!!!! It´s great to see how with reasonable budgets you can get a great look.
I´ve just read you are moving to my country, and wanted to let you know that even when the blazer will be too much at the beach it will be great if you are anywere in the central valley (that´s San José, Heredia, Alajuela, Cartago), since here we do accesorize. Regards and good luck with your Spanish!