Sunday, December 06, 2009

Chunky Watches

I realized that I was teetering on the tomboy- masculine side when I preferred keeping things in my coat pocket as opposed to stuffing them in a pretty purse (which by the way I own like a thousand of).  Therefore it is no surprise that when chunky watches started to mark their territory in women's wear that I would fall head over heels.  I don't like dainty itty bitty watches- as a matter of fact I dont really use watches seeing as I am permanently glued to my blackberry.  But I love the look of the chunky watch- it give off this effortless "Yeah whatever, I tell time" cool vibe.

Picture 11
1) Marc by Marc Jacobs at Asos $256
2) Fossil at Blue Nile $125
3) Adidas at Bloomingdale's $60
4) Top Shop $50
5) G by Guess $95


Sartorial Diva said...

My favourite would have to be the Marc Jacobs. It's lovely!

Anonymous said...

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