Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Newest and Latest Obsession...when will this end?

They say that once you know, you just know. There are no doubts, no questions, no if’s and maybe’s and I am not sure’s. It should be this clarity and certainty that is like no other. You are ready to spend the rest of your life with it. I have always questioned this mind set. You never know for sure right? I mean how can you be 100% convinced?

Well, Lookbook readers…it happened to me. I met the One. Browsing through Aldo on a mission for these tan boots that have become some sort of sick obsessions (I reallllyyyy need another hobby) I saw them in the corner of my eye. It whispered my name- I don’t even know how it knew my name. I held it and could feel the soft leather on my skin. We had a moment, this boot and I, a very special intimate moment (regardless of the fact that it was lunch time at Eaton Centre in Montreal and the place looked like a flea market). Then came the ultimate test- would this relationship last? There was one way to find out…The salesperson handed me a pair of size 8’s and what I had always known in my heart was sealed with certainty when my feet slipped into what I think a cloud should feel like. I closed my eyes and walked to the mirror (almost hit someone along the way, could have been dangerous…), looked at my feet and gasped. It was love. I could not deny it. I tried to push away but was unsuccessful. My heart was full, my life was complete * They say when you know, you just know. You know how I knew for sure? After the purchase, before I went to bed, I left them on my bedside so it would be the first thing I saw when I wake up. Seriously, how sad it that?

*Until I get sick of them and look for a new obsession


Anonymous said...

Love the boot, love the playful writing tone!

Othalia said...

thanks MJ!
it really was love :)

shanju_cool said...

do u knw wat UK size u r? plz i really need to knw