Friday, November 02, 2007

Green With Envy!

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Anonymous said...

I love green, so fresh and preppy! Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a shade to suit my skin tone (darker - with some yellow undertones). I think I'll stick with looking for green accessories (coveting a green & navy striped scarf!), enough to surf the trendwave without committing to a more expensive jacket :) LOVE the idea of plaiding it up though!

Psst - I'm a downtown lunch hour shopper as well - have you seen the Kiehl's under construction across from the Eatons Centre? Can't wait! Lip balm paradise!


Ella Gregory said...

green is my fabourite colour
great post
i loved the gap jacket

Flair said...

I love colorful outfits - I'm so tired of the black and greys - all so boring!

Othalia said...

Hi MJ: YES...I have seen the Keils under construction...I work downtown as well and it is about time! Super excited for that. It is tru that finding the right shade of green can be a tad tricky, thats why accessories are key!

Coco and Lady N...yeah its about time we abolish (if not slightly) the uncolors of grey and black...