Saturday, April 07, 2007

The World is Flat

There are many things in life that we don't want to be flat: our hair, the bottle of Sprite in the fridge, a tire, our voice and our butts. However, having a flat tummy, a flat stack of work on our desk, a flat iron, maybe even a perfect flat pancake is cool (am I stretching it a bit too much on the last pancake comparison?...yeah, I think I am...)But I digress. What's even cooler than all of the above (except for the pancake) is flats. Plain ballerina flats continue, somehow after 2 years, to be on an upwards trend. Cameron and Lindsay started wearing them a few years back and now everyone is rocking the Audrey circa Sabrina look. What is practical about this trend (and what Ms. Hepburn could have told us, oh I don't know, about 45 years ago) is the comfort factor. Think how simple life is now that it is fashionably acceptable to go to our own wedding in flats(be sure you have long legs and/or a flattering dress), or to a job interview...or even, dare I say, to the mall (gasp!)Enjoy this to the fullest and ride it out because like any trend in fashion, this one may be fleeting. But, let me take a moment here and allow myself to disagree with...myself...?This trend, like jeans and Taco Bell, may actually last...and it may last for a while because of its appeal (comfort & price ). Could Columbus have been wrong after all? Could the world, really and truly be flat? probably not. But it was a good ending to this posting, don't you think?
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