Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Isn't it Glovely?!?

Book These Gloves at:

1. Hoss Intropia, $75.00

2. Burberry, $855.00

3. Tod's, $495

4. Alice Temperley, $15.00

5. Bloomingdales, $35.00

6. Givenchy, $840.00

7. Browns Fashion $275.00

8. Burberry, $180.00

9. Coach, $248

10. Miu Miu, $325.00

11. Marc Jacobs, $98.00

12. J. Crew, $115.00

13. Bluefly, $39.00

14. Maria La Rosa, $230.00

*Note to the Canadian readers: Come mid- october, gloves of all shapes and sizes are pretty much available at the corner depanneur/ gas station. The ones mentioned above are additional choices, should you want to go all out, put a 2nd mortgage your home and order online. Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

The concept of 3/4 coat is ridiculous. I would rather protect my eye juice from the Canadian winter than spend my life savings on gloves that I could get from the dollar store.

Sherry said...

Gloves were at one time the epitome of being a "lady". I love driving gloves, gloves with colour (I'm noted for lime green, leopard print, etc.) which add a wonderful punch of colour to a neutral wardrobe.

Have you done hats yet? I love wearing hats and some of the newer styles I like very much, I'm just not sure how to wear them properly. If you haven't done hats, would you please?!?

Othalia said...

Hey Sherry, yeah gloves were very ladylike back in the day and they still are now..I have yet to do hats and they are a huge Fall trend...I will work on something for you :)

Sherry said...

Thanks so much...look forward to the hats!!!

Pret a Porter P said...

the gloves with the zipper are awesomely cool

Pret a Porter P said...
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