Monday, November 19, 2007

It is so flat!

I know myself well enough that if I were put in a flight or fright situation, I would run like hell. My love and appreciation for flat shoes stems from this. I can walk into a shoe store and pick up every flat (the cheap vs. steep, the trendy vs. granny) and all nod in approval. But show me Burberry’s studded platforms and I shudder in fear. Show me any starlet that dons her Louboutin’s on the red carpet with pride, a tight painful smile and an overabundance of blisters on her toes hidden by concealer and I sigh in pity. I was browsing through the December issue of In Style and came across their section on Fashion Week testimonials. The celebs were discussing heels and in each mention, they just had to include how they were in pain but all was worth it in the name of fashion. Well they can suffer all they want but I refuse to succumb. I will resist until the very end. Even though, if there were anyone on this planet who needs to wear heels, it is I. With incredibly short legs, surprisingly strong calves and thick thighs, the ballet flat could very well be my arch nemesis. But I don’t let it get to me. In the morning, I have no shame in running for the bus. During lunch, I can stroll downtown at the pace of a New Yorker in a hurry (even if I am not in a hurry). At the end of the day, I can get home, put my non blistered feet up and relax. Flight or fright? I say bring it on. I got my handy heel free shoes to keep me grounded.

Where to Shop:
1) J. Crew $250.00
2) Cynthia Vincent $350.00
3) Steve Madden $115.00
4) Wanted, $50.00
5) Bottega Veneta $910.00
6)Chanel $615.00
7) Ruthie Davis $350.00
8) Coach $218.00

* it me or did I just pick some ridiculously expensive shoes for nothing?! Granted they are hot, trust me, you can find some equally pretty, less expensive ones as well :)


Unknown said...

Those Cynthia Vincent shoes are gorgeous, but I am totally obsessed with flat boots like the ones you chose from Steve Madden!

Anonymous said...

Hah! Gotta love it. I'm a fellow petite & curvy gal who crashes headlong into the dictates of fashion in my REFUSAL to wear heels. Good on ya! I windowshop at the Eatons Centre at least 2/week during my lunchbreaks - maybe I'll see you at Aldo or Bleu Marine one day, ogling the same pair of perfect flats ;)

Othalia said...

hi i am not the only ones that suddenly eats, sleeps and drinks boots all of a sudden...I agree the maddens are droolworthy!!

mj: you refuse to wear heels as well? hooray!! I just dont like being the overdone prissy kind of person. and so what if our height and body shape are not model least we are comfortable...and stylish!
yes...maybe we shall cross paths in eaton centre...its so bad tho cuz it makes you shop that much more....arghghgh