Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reader Request! Basics of all Basics...revisited

Hello! I just was looking through your basics of all basics post back in May and was hoping that you could do another for the fall season? Being a California girl, I’ve been living in flip flops and shorts all summer long, but now autumn is coming and, being newly married (and approaching 30!), I want/need some new basic pieces to start off the season as a new stylish wife and woman. I want to feel and look put together. Can you please help? Thanks!!! –Ashley

Hey Ashley

Congrats on the wedding! Yeah I kinda understand where you are coming from and how easy it is to be living in shorts and flip flops... I am all about that easy casual style. With regards to the basics of all basics, if you have the pieces I mentioned in the previous post, then that’s a great start.

Now what you want to do is add to this with some key pieces that are modern, up to date but not too trendy. Seeing as you are a casual girl, let’s get started on the pieces I think you might like for this coming season:

1) Plaid shirt- this piece can be worn casually with jeans or you can even dress it up by rolling up the sleeves and pairing it with some booties

2) Wide leg jeans- they were considered trendy but have been around long enough to be considered a staple. They are a nice update to the skinny and can be paired with fitted tops and heels

3) Oversized clutch- if you select a basic color like black or even red, you can pair this with any outfit to dress it up for a night out. The only thing I would be weary of is the whole going out to a club concept as you will want to have your hands free for drinks and dancing.

4) Long shawl/ cardigan- this piece is perfect in an off white color. It will match with everything you own. One word of caution, I would not wear it with the wide leg jeans lest you want to disappear in your outfit. Better to pair this with some skinnies or a pair of leggings

5) Leggings- yes, they are still around and not really going anywhere. Leggings work with long shirts, sweaters, dresses etc. they are best paired with those comfy high boots which leads me to #6

6) Comfy high boots- preferably over the knee. I would suggest a beige or a black pair as they will match with everything. Oooh, and picture this: over the knee beige boots (small platform or no heel of course, for comfort) with your leggings and the oversized beige shawl…ooooooh…

Ok well I think that’s it for basics of all basics for winter months with a slight update. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I moved to Costa Rica a few days ago and am just getting settled. I actually just got out of Spanish class and am catching up on all my Lookbooking.

Hope this helps with your shopping!

Where to Shop

2) Wide Leg Jeans

3) Oversized Clutch

4) Shawl

5) Leggings

6) Over the Knee Boots

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