Monday, December 01, 2008

Reader Request!

Ok so it’s my 21st birthday next Friday and I’ve got a big night out planned in new York city with some friends. I’ve got the perfect strapless dress that I want to wear, but it’s going to be cold and I’ll need something else to wear over it. I was thinking a nice, tailored blazer would look really cute... something like Rihanna is wearing here:

I just don't know where I can find something like it. here's the dress, just for reference:
Should I go with the blazer? Or maybe something else? And any ideas for shoes? I love your blog! Let me know what you think!!

Ok first off, happy early b day! I love the look that you are trying to pull together. I would definitely go with the boyfriend blazer as per Rihanna. As for the shoes, I would rock something with a gold accent.
Check out the look below:

Where to Shop




Romany said...

Boyfriend blazer: so hot right now. Lol.
Good choice. :)

Anonymous said...

i brought that blazer on sale at target the other day for $7, its the best, wear it every week.

Othalia said...

yep...loving the bf blazer!
what?! $7 for one?! thats amazing! u r def. getting your money's worth!!