Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The White Sweater Dress!

So I guess it just does not end. My love for individual pieces is never over. The hunt for that one garment to outdo all others will never be extinguished.

Exhibit A: The Banana Republic Cable Knit Dress.
So pretty, so warm and such a flattering color! It looks great with black or gray tights. And I can rock it over the skinny jeans that I have yet to purchase (sheesh! and I call myself Trendini- tsk tsk).

Anyways, let’s all take a moment and take this dress in…oooh.

Banana Republic Dress- $128.00


Anonymous said...

So in love with knit dresses at the moment. J Crew has really been putting out killers lately as well.

Othalia said...

j crew has been kicking a$$ this season...everything they do is great...i agree!