Thursday, February 15, 2007


The models at Michael Kors’s Spring 2007 runway show emerged as if from a ballet class. The hair was pulled back in a bun, held back with a simple black headband. The clothes were flowy, reminiscent of Degas and his ballerinas, minus the frilly tutus. The colors were neutral (white, black and beige) and the shapes with simple and elegant.
So now let’s take a step back from the runway show and into reality. We are not front row, watching beautiful models parade down the runway as we rub on some Crème de la Mer moisturizer on our perfectly manicured hands and place it carefully back into our Hermes Birkin bag. Chances are, we don’t make as much as we would like, spend too much on what we don’t need and the closest we will get to front row at a fashion show is on Etalk. But we like the pretty pretty fabrics oh so very much. We love the look, but $1,600 for a Michael Kors dress, are you kidding me?!? What I like about this trend is that it is simple and easy. It is all about comfortable pieces in basic colors. It also ties in with last Fall's layering trend (long sleeve under a short sleeve tunic anyone?)

In any case, we all know you don't have to spend thousands to look like a million bucks. Here are a few suggestions to where you can obtain the look for less, and still have some money for an extra, much needed oversized white clutch.

Ballet flats:
H&M: 14.90
Joe Fresh Style: $16.00
Aldo : $69.99
Shoppers Drug Mart
Leggings (100% Cotton):
Costa Blanca: $15.50
Top (either in Rayon, Viscose or Lyocell) :
Mango: $29.99
Dynamite: $29.50
Jacob: $40.00

By the way, even if we cant afford a thing shown on the runway (unless the headbands are not cashmere), check out the Spring Runway Show anyways. The boys are cute and it makes me want to be 5 again, in Ms. Gardere’s ballet class: plié, chassé!

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