Friday, December 19, 2008

Ahem...ahem... Harem Pants?

Ugh- ok so these have been on the runway for a few seasons now. Designers such as Nicole Miller and Proenza Schouler had their models rock these "could not BE less flattering if I were wearing bubble wrap" pants. Being 5'3 with an ass and thighs, I won't even try to make it work, even if I had on a dark pair and wore them to some dark club with sky high heels and over did my makeup and hair so the focus is not on my bottom half. They are not for me. BUT...but but...if you, dearest Lookbook reader, are feeling brave and wish to channel a French fashion editor, then by all means check out the ones below- some are cheap (for those who think this trend is fleeting) and some are steep- for those who believe that harem pants are a wardrobe staple (after all they have been around since Aladdin).

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Down Comforter said...

Ooh, not a fan of these either. They just look like tweeked elastic-ankle sweatpants - yuck!

Poster Girl said...

They are hard to wear, and when done right, they're intriguing. I actually have a pair, or two.