Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Reader Request!


I love the blog! I love getting ideas and inspiration from what celebrities wear. Unfortunately not everyone (including yours truly) has the typical tall, slender celebrity bod... therefore the looks don't always work out. I am short and curvy - Do you have any suggestions of which celebrities have the same body type or what looks work best for body types like mine?

Thanks a bunch!

You do not understand how much I know where you are coming from. I am also short and curvy. There are many trends that I wish I could wear but cannot because of my body type. Style, in essence is all about being your own person while wearing the gear that works for your shape. I have the short legs and am constantly looking for what looks good on me, what to wear and what to avoid like the plague. Here are a few tips that may be helpful:
1) I know this one is obvious but heels always make your legs seem longer. I would invest in a comfy pair that works with most pieces you already own. You will wear them to death esp. if they are comfortable. I have made the mistake a million times of trying to get a cheap pair to fit like a glove. The result was pain, bandages and an obscene amount of polysporin.
2) Dark colors on the bottom work better then the other way around. They emphasize the top part of your body while hiding some imperfections
3) Don’t look at the number on the garment’s tag. Work with what fits regardless of the size. Sizing varies from one store to the next.
4) Look for pants that are not too tapered at the ankle. With regards to jeans, a slight bootleg would best suit your body type. Granted you can go the skinny jeans route but make sure there is a slight looseness at the ankle. Dark wash is also best with regards to skinny jeans.
5) If you are curvy (with a small waist) then you should work it with the wide belt we are seeing on and off the runways. Plus it will save you big money when it comes to buying clothing and accessories. A few inexpensive belts will update any outfit you own.
6) Well fitted jackets with nice necklines also work for your body type. Make sure the jacket hits at the hip.
7) Sweaters that are flat and don’t add volume. Avoid those thick cables
8) A coat with some shape at the waist as opposed to the ones who fall straight down which will add unnecessary volume.
9) V neck tops and blouses to add attention to your face. If you are fully covered up, it will make your upper body look bigger than it really is.

I included a few pieces below for a bit more guidance. Hope this helps!

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Angela said...

Great Blog!

You are super helpful!

Abby said...


It's always good to hear that not all the fashion bloggers are pencil-thin and tall!

Way helpful!

Othalia said...

yes...farrr from being pencil thin!