Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cheap Vs. Steep- The Purple Dress

Where to Shop

Cheap Dress- Forever 21 $28

Steep Dress- Chloe at Saks $1950

Shoes- Nine West at Town Shoes $115

Wood necklace- Aldo $10

Colorful Necklace- Aldo $15


Fashion Trend Guide said...

Wow! You always find great items. I find myself reading your blog more and more, as it's one of my favorites.

tshops said...

Purple is so in right now -- love it! Thanks for showing some great finds from F21 -- I am due for a trip there very very soon!

Ella Gregory said...

I like the more expensive one, but the cheaper one is pretty good for the price!
I love Ally Hilfiger too!

Othalia said...

thanks poster girl!
yes tshops- its all about f21- so addictive!!
coco, the more expensive one is usually the hottest- lol- too bad for me :(

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