Monday, February 19, 2007


They call me mellow yellow…tad da da da. It is impossible to get that song out of your head once you start singing it. In the late 90’s, Gap had the “Everybody in Cords” ad campaign which included this song. Little did they know they would be starting a trend. Saffron, who would have thunk it, is everywhere on the shelves, walls and hangers of most retail stors in Canada (Bedo, Costa Blanca, Le Chateau, Reitman’s, H&M, Old Navy, Simons, Zara’s, you name it). It is refreshing to see amidst the markdown racks of grey, navy and black from Fall ‘06. So basically yellow is the new navy? Or is it the new heather grey?
In any case, there is a slight downside: it’s a tad tricky to match the right shade of yellow with your skin tone. If your yellow is too beige, you may look like you partied the night before, drank one White Russian too many (eeek) and had way too little water before going to sleep. On the floor. Of your bathroom. If too bright, you may look like you just stepped out of a 1997 Sears catalogue. However, with the abundance of shapes and styles, finding the right shade for you should not be a problem. Just think of it as a challenge (everyone loves challenges). Wear it with white jeans or your carry through grey cardigan from fall. Just don’t overdo it. Too much sun can definitely hurt the eyes.

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kokostiletto said...

Yellow is my 2nd fave color to wear (after black of course). My some reason, on my skin, it just makes me look tan and glowing!