Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reader Request!

Hey I need a bit of help. I’m a high school student so I never have money, and I need to be able to quickly throw together an outfit in the morning but still look like a stylist lives in my basement (:

Haha, love the whole “stlylist is living in my basement” concept. Don’t we all wish that could be true. Honestly though, I find that even if I had all the clothes and money in the world, if I don’t not know what I like and what works for me, I would constantly be lost- roaming around in my huge walk in closet while my housekeeper yells “Madame, you must get dressed this very instant, the diplomat does not like to wait for anyone.” Lol

So anyways, here are a few rules that I try (key word here is try) to abide by:

Don’t try it all…
Style is like a double edged sword: if you follow trends and love fashion, chances are you want to try everything. But if you follow trends and love fashion, you should have the wisdom to know not to try everything, ya know? It’s kind of like when uber skinny gray denim came to be. Ohh, did I ever want to rock me a pair. But being on the short side with these thighs that would never be skinny (and may I add that I never want them to be skinny- I work out but I lurve me some good food which I refuse to deprive myself of…but I digress.) I could not wear said jeans, no matter how many times Heidi Klum and Katie Holmes said they were cool. They were just not for me. Whatever, it’s all good.
Basically, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on fashion, go with what works for your body type and what you like.

Another crucial point to dressing hot for less- I cannot stress enough the importance of working with a blank palette (ex- black tank top and skinny jeans) and then working around that with some cool accessories- a fedora for the day, some costume jewelry at night. Accessories are an uber cheap way to liven up any outfit. Accessories are also great when traveling. Bring the basics in terms of clothing and go nuts with the baseball cap for the day, pashmina at night, bangles for lunch…and so on…

Make a piece your own.
Do you ever spot an item of clothing and go “Omg, that is so (insert name of friend who would wear the item)! That friend of yours, lets call her Sarah, has successfully made a look her own. In essences, that’s what style is all about. What I would suggest is to observe what you are normally drawn to when you go shopping- piped blazers, boho skirts (yes, they are back), crazy colored scarves, leather leggings, what have you…Invest in a great one and make it work with what you already own.

In Conclusion...
The thing with stylish people is that they do not necessarily have a wardrobe overflowing with up to the moment items. They make their own trends, they wear what they like and what works for them- and they wear it proudly, with or without a stylist living in their basement.

Here are a few outfits to inspire you. They are pretty generic and of the moment but not too out there. They should fit most body types. You can use these as examples and add on or remove pieces, or just forgo all these outfits and create your own. A word of caution- some of the pieces are expensive but you can always find cheaper versions of them.


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