Monday, May 21, 2007

Tunic or not Tunic: That is the Question.

There is a huge buzz amongst the powers that be in Fashionland in terms of the new shapes we have been seeing. It is now being referred to as “big over slim” which, in normal people talk, is a loose fitting top over slim pants or leggings. This is the look, this is what we must aspire to if we wanted to be coined the term trendy (doesn’t everyone want to be trendy? ;)

We are not cool this spring if we are not wearing a potato sack and some peep toes.
The potato sack I am referring to is the tunic. It can be referred to as a loose fitting top that is longer than your average t-shirt (hitting almost mid thigh).
On the one hand, this means that everybody (whether you are a size 2 or a size 12) will look like a size 12.
On the other hand, my mom keeps asking me if there is anything she needs to know about my current situation (i.e.: should she be planning a baby shower for her very unwed daughter).

I am enjoying the tunics because it puts less emphasis on my thigh/hip area. And how grateful are we to be wearing a babydoll dress and elastic waistband leggings after a huge meal: oh yes, we can let it all hang out.

I say go with it. Everyone will look bigger than they really are. This trend may not last for long so why not live it up! I mean, how happy are we that it’s not baby tees gracing the covers of Lucky and Bazaar?

A Word of Caution: I don’t know about you all but when my clothes are not constricting, when everything feels loose on me, my brain goes a little something like this: “Oh, you must be smaller, you lost weight, why don't we go celebrate with some ribs and fries?”.
Bad times it will be come bathing suit season (i.e.: 2 Canadian weeks away) when we all cry in unison at our bulging love handles.

So in a nutshell, live it up with this trend but that does not mean all you can eat poutine. It just means you won’t have to suck in your tummy when you walk down the halls at work.

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Lydia Lukidis said...

yes, i always wonder about trends also...i try to stay away from them, so as not to look like everyone else, or a fashion "victim," but i truly feel you should just do what you want to do! i really like loose tunics and leggings, so by golly, i'm wearing them this summer!