Saturday, August 29, 2009

book this Look- some more Rihanna

OK so the harem pants are growing on me, I am not gunna lie.  I asked a fashion forward friend of mine recently how she felt about them and she shook her head "Nah, it's not right, not right at all".  I was taken aback as I assumed that any individual deemed fashionista would at least consider it as an option.  I guess I was wrong.  In any case, Rihanna is working the look here with her usual eclectic mix of pizazz and grace.  Check out 2 versions below: one for an exorbitant amount and one for super cheap.  Enjoy!

Picture 7
Tank- Stella McCartney at Kirna Zabete $285
Pants- Robert Rodriguez at Shop Bop $363

Tank- Forever 21 $15
Pants- Forever 21 $18

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Anonymous said...

harem pants are seriously in-style in Paris. Everyone wears them but there awful looking.