Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Mascara Love Affair

I am subletting an apt in downtown Mtl and was told I would have internet. This is not the case.  Its been more than a month that I am internet-less, thus making it extra hard for me to keep up to date with me postings.  Therefore I feel that apologies are once again in order for my lack of postings.

Ok now onto the good stuff- before talking fashion I feel the need to highlight another topic of conversation that can keep any group of girls buzzing for hours- mascara. I swear ask a girl about mascara and they can break it down like a well rehearsed dissertation: insider secrets (heat your eye lash curler with a blow dryer to make lashes extra curly), passionate topics (does that pulsating wand really work?) their faves, and the ones that do nothing for their lashes ( great lash in my case- I don't care that one tube is sold ever 2.5 seconds, clearly my lashes have issues as they develop an averse reaction to the cult classic).  In any case, last weekend I decided to reward myself (after an intense work week) with a slight splurge: $28 for a tube of hypnose mascara from lancome. Previous mascaras had me applying 3 coats before feeling borderline satisfied.  One coat of this magic potion and I am good to go. To say it changed my life would make me seem shallow right?  ;)

Picture 5


Rizzle said...

I'll have to give Hypnose a try. My favorite for a few years is Bad Gal by Benefit. It's AWESOME!

Cynthia said...

The hypnose, is the best!!!