Friday, August 21, 2009

The Zippered Legging- A Pretty Great Wardrobe Update

I found me a pair of zippered leggings while browsing the craziness that is Urban Behavior on a Friday afternoon at Eaton Centre.  The line to try things on was about a mile long so I wing (wung? winged?) it and decided I was a medium.  Leggings shopping is not really rocket science.  I tried them on at home and yes, I know they are black leggings and we have seen them on everyone and their moms (I don't think my mom owns a pair yet but I digress...) but there was something about that yummy legging detail that made me swoon-ish.  I almost grabbed a pair of the liquid shiny ones but am not really there yet.  
If you are around an Urban Behavior, get yours for $16.  

Picture 27

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