Friday, August 21, 2009

Deal of the Week- Old Navy Boy's Oxford Shirt, no seriously

Recently I have been feeling the whole slouchy Olsen/ Hudgens button down boyfriend shirt look- that casual messy je ne sais quoi- that "I rolled out of bed and grabbed what my man wore the night before and am just going to go grab a latte or some super hip of the moment drink before I hit the stores for some inspiration on this lazy sunday afternoon and I am so cool I may just belt that shirt for my evening cocktails with the ladies" look.  You see what I am trying to say?  I know I am not the only one feeling this look- there are many a female I cross paths with in Montreal who rock the laid back style (sleeves rolled up the the elbows, few buttons undone, maybe paired with a braided belt, possible worn with short shorts or jeans).  In any case (I wanted to purchase myself a shirt, slightly oversized which would make it flexible to my outfit modifications and preferably in a light blue prep school color.  I also wanted it cheap because paying even $25 for one seemed unreasonable. This is one trend I'll be done and over with in about 2 weeks.  I checked out Old Navy Women's section which offered a variety that I found too expensive ($24.50 yikes!) and too fitted (how can I pull off a boyfriend look if the shirt is not baggy??).  I was on the brink of giving up when lo and behold the Boy's (not Men's) section answered my calling: not only was the shirt that perfect oversized-ness I coveted, but the price was a tad ridiculous- $10 ON SALE!  I am not going to lie- it felt a bit odd browsing the section, looking for my size (a large I guess??) and trying it on.  But was exactly what I was looking for.  Ok, cheesy line to end this posting coming up, wait for it: Sometimes you find exactly what you are looking for in the most unexpected places- awwwwwwww. :P
Get yours at Old Navy.  I think the sale might still be on.  

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Amanda Franchard. said...

I have a blue oxford from Old Navy and it just fits so well and I wear it to death.

I love the blog : )

Anonymous said...

I love this look!
I'm so stealing all my boyfriend's old button downs!
Would look awesome with denim leggings!

kokostiletto said...

wow this is cheap i might go get one !

Alicia said...

THANK YOU for this tip! I just bought one today and it fits perfectly!! :)