Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bib Necklaces

One of the top things on my to do list is getting my ears pierced.  Its been ages and I swear I have been meaning to but a combination of fear of pain mixed with procrastination has pretty much resulted in me going earring-less for the last almost 30 years of my life.  It is definitely a waste for the earrings economy as I feel I would contribute greatly to its success. Being an avid believer in a plain outfit punched up with some pizzazz accessories, if my ears were pierced I would own an embarrassing array of them.  In the meantime that I gather all my courage to puncture holes in my chunky earlobes (they really are chunky though), I am limited to necklaces as a method to jazz up any old outfit.  Enter the bib necklace.  Ornate and statement making, they do not shy away from yelling "Hey! Over here!"  Below are a few that scream accessorize- enjoy!

Picture 45


lara.tobin.styling said...

Oh boy. The Arden B necklace you showcased? I just bought an IDENTICAL one from Bebe for $98.00...great finds!

Jaime said...

Great picks! Love #1 and #4. The green is gorgeous.