Sunday, May 10, 2009

White Denim For Summer

I bought a pair of white jeans a few days ago and with the risk of sounding too dramatic- I feel that said denim has changed my life forever...ok well maybe not forever but for at least the next few weeks.  Before this pair of jeans, my bottoms were always dark (think black pants, leggings or dark denim jeans). Therefore, everything I wore with these bottoms always looked the same, day in and day out.  By adding a different color to the mix, all of a sudden my greys looked so fresh and so clean.  My fuschia scarf regained its lustre.  My beige cardigan now channels country club cool.  Tops I had once thrown to the back of my closet, vowing  with my clenched fist in the air "I will never wear you again!" have been given a second chance at life.  I swear- all this because of my white jeans.  Its exciting- I am not gunna lie.  In case you wish to follow my lead- here are a few options.  Enjoy!

Picture 3


SHOEGAL said...

I just bought white jeans last week too! Not had chance to wear them yet, but after reading this post I am excited to do so!

Tea said...

I love white jeans.
Looks great!

sunshower! said...

whoa! after this rave review i'll have to try some out. and i have a question too, if you get a chance to answer. i bought some dark purple jeans the other day too. what would you wear with that?

Trendini said...

ladies- I swear its all about my white jeans- it has given my wardrobe a whole new perspective!

sunshower- dark purple jeans? hmmm- I am thinking that basic black, white and gray always work with a pair of silver flat sandals for summer but I would almost need to see the shade to see what else would match- can you send me a pic at and Ill be able to help you out further :)