Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Plethora of Fedoras

I have a friend of mine who started wearing one of these hats about 8 months ago.  I would mock him incessantly, claiming the whole hat look was done.  I pleaded that he never wear it when he was out with me- something about the look reminded me of that Jazz boyfriend Carrie dated during season 2 (??) of SATC for about a week.  It was so utterly cliche.  ugh.  But now, as the summer months are coming up and these fedoras are popping up more and more at your local retailer, I find my opinion changing.  I think I may need one to complete my summer wardrobe.  I can see it already- cut off shorts, tan sandals, a oversized white blouse, some cheap aviators and a fedora to complete the look.  I should probably tell my friend he was right after all :p
Get your fedoras here:

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