Friday, July 20, 2007

So What's the Skinny on the Wide?

I have hips and thighs that have previously been referred to as belonging to a gymnast.
So you can imagine that when the skinny jeans appeared about 2 years ago, I cringed. But then I tried to have an open mind. What kind of self proclaimed semi fashionista does not even give the skinny jeans a try? Come on now…
So off I went, optimism in one hand, credit card in another. Things took a turn for the worst when, after wriggling into a pair, I turned to look at myself. *Gasp*. I did not think my thighs were this huge. What I had been trying to hide for years was now magnified in all its curvaceous glory…not always a good thing (unless you can appreciate the look of the stuffed sausage).
And that’s when I made the executive decision to abolish all attempts to skinny. Starting today, I would walk with my head held high, ignoring the size 0’s with their ankles tight in denim. This was a trend that I would not even attempt to rock.
So life went on. I went about my daily routine when suddenly, one day, I caught a glimpse of Kate Moss in a magazine. Could it be? Could she be going against the tide. What was she wearing? Why were the jeans so high? And why, oh why, were they so wide? Yes, I know I know, every fashion magazine, blog, tv show has already penned Kate Moss a fashion icon, claiming she is avant gardiste. But it is true, she was ahead of the time. Case in point: the wide trouser leg jeans will be everywhere come fall….they have already made their mark in most stores for summer.
The advantage of the wide leg trouser is its overall flatter of the average “I try to diet but I really like curly fries and/or Lidnt chocolate, I work out once in a while, but sometimes would rather read a magazine, and you know what, I am happy the way I am” women.
It does not draw the attention to the thighs and if you keep them long, they will lengthen the leg.

#1- The wide leg looks better in a darker shade.
#2-Oh and can we also make sure that there is a bit of spandex in the pant and that the denim is of a super thin cotton quality. This will help in the comfort factor.
#3-Wear them with a platform shoe for a more slimming effect, extra height and extra oomph.
#4-Try and avoid the long tunic over wide leg look or I promise you will look like a tent. Proportion is key here. If the pants are big, the top is small and vice versa.
The Do's:

The "I Am Not There Yet":

Last But Not Least-Don'ts:

A picture says a thousand words...oh la la...

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Prett much any retailer at your local mall.

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Frasypoo said...

I always wince when I see the last 2 pictures !!
I am 5.2 so I may take my time with this trend !! its a little overwhelming to think of wearing high waisted pants when you have a short torso!!