Friday, July 20, 2007

The Printed Skirt

In all this hoopla over leggings and city shorts, I feel we have neglected an icon of femininity: the printed skirt. Its versatility and comfort factor are rarely unmatched. Can you wear leggings to a high profile meeting? Not so much. How about a garden party in city shorts: yeah, but only if you want to be one wants to be judged ;)

My point is the printed skirt has been around for centuries and it ain’t going no where. In a season of brights and black/white prints, it is only fitting that we would see an emergence in the printed skirt. Stores such as Gap, Joe Fresh and Jacob were parading their printed-ness all over malls across Canada. Many a printed skirt comes with a white ground and a bright or black print (as per below) which facilitates matching (oh, we like that!)


#1-Wear them with plain t-shirts and thongs (remember those? They are the ones you carelessly threw in the back of your closet when you bought your ballerina flats or peep toes) for sangria with the girls on a Saturday afternoon.

#2-Pair them with a thin cardigan, skinny belt and the peep toes you can’t stop wearing for a Monday morning meeting.

Get your Print at:

1. Joe Fresh Style $19.00

2. Banana Republic $78.00

3. The Gap $39.95 sale

4. Costa Blanca $32.50

5. Urban Outfitters $58.00

Printed skirt at very bottom is from

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post!!! I just bought a really cheap printed skirt, not thinking I have nothing to go with it. I tried a couple tops, but nothing looked right. I'm going to try this combination right away. I think it will work!! Thanks again.