Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kate and her animal print purse

Picture 3

1) Kate Spade at Lord and Taylor $131
2) Jimmy Choo at My Theresa $241
3) Rebecca Minkoff $350


Natasa said...

These are so hot right now.. I love the Kate Spade!

reefer trailers said...

She looks good with those pairs. Such inspiring clothing.

Karol said...

You can also find some beautyfull handbags like that on - have fun by shopping!

kathyxu33 said...

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ggoodrich said...

Thank you for this detailed image. I love the beautiful print on her bubble print, but what I love most is her stiletto!

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Berry Desouza said...

I love these Purse`s Categories

Siar said...

I like the style but I can't affort it.

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