Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some pretty yellow strapless dresses

I have been on a mission for a yellow strapless dress since once of my closest friends announced she was getting married a year ago.  It was my choice of style and color for what would be a very special occasion. Bah- I failed terribly on this fashion mission. I could never seem to find the right shade, style or price point so I ended up wearing a nice purple strapless number.  Regardless, this dress is still on my mind and I found a few options whilst browsing the interweb- I may just purchase my one 'em.  Enjoy!

Picture 20

1) Target $15
2) Asos $127
3) Shop Bop $342
4) Windsor $65


ApachesPrincess said...

I love the one from Target - not to expensive, still cute, and would be perfect for a swimsuit cover up.

Othalia said...

agreed! cannot get enough of the yellow for summer!

krupa123 said...

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