Monday, December 07, 2009

American Apparel's Lace Unitard

Hmmm ok so I saw this American Apparel  ad and it caught my attention.  I mean a girl scantily clad in nothing but a lace unitard is not something you see everyday (in most professions that is).  I am still not yet sure what the point of this piece is.  What purpose does it serve?  Should you layer it?  Belt it? Maybe pair it with a scarf?  Or maybe take a cue from J-Lo and rock the Louboutins with it?
Picture 12

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zjl said...

I look at this and I think that a French woman would know what to do with this lace unitard--wearing skirts and low-cut blouses in various layers so this lace peeks out in a fashionable yet somehow not sleasy way. I wish I had a drop of French blood in me!!