Sunday, July 05, 2009

Mini Skirts!

So I found this high waisted mini while perusing ever so casually the Urban Outfitters website. This piece seems like a great deal- it comes in a plethora of colors (11!!!) and for $38, you may as well just get 2.

Picture 19

Where to Shop- Urban Outfitters $38

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maipie said...

Hi Ot!
My name is Mai. I learned about your blog from your mother and I am so impressed not only by your fashion sense but also by your graphic design skills. I am a designer as well so I can appreciate the layouts and use of typography. I will definitely look to your site for fashion tips since I tend to fall behind with trends. What I like most is how you provide the stores where I can go buy the outfits for an afforable price. I'll make sure to stay posted. =)