Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Denim Vest

You step out of the fashion blogging world for 1 week (i.e. 52 years in Internet time) and you miss all kinds of interesting trends that have slowly been establishing themselves as next years mainstream looks.  Enter the denim vest.  Yesterday I discussed the denim legging and I feel it is only fitting to go over its vested counterpart.  We all have the black vest that we pair with our skinny jeans and layered necklaces... blah, blah, been there, done that, saw the spread in People Style Watch and am a bit over it.  Most of us also probably have a denim vest, circa 1985 that we paired with our Milli Vanilli t-shirts, don't lie.  Most of us also probably outgrew said denim vest and gave them away all the while thinking "yeah thats never coming back again..."  Wrong again, we were.  The denim vest is back in variety of styles- studded, distressed, cropped, what have you.  You can wear it with slim black pants and a long tunic or pair it with shiny leggings for added oomph.  Wear the denim vest with a pair of jeans if you must but it is crucial that the denims do not match in any way shape or form.  Below I have provided an array of said vest- enjoy!

Picture 21

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