Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top Tan Boots!

OK so I have literally been looking forever for the perfect pair of tan boots. A few mishaps ensued along the way. I bought one pair super cheap that I needed to wrap around with some kind of lace situation. It takes about 10 minutes to put one boot on. Being incredibly impatient by nature, these boots had to be nixed. Next were the pair I kinda splurged on ($120 anyone?) but they were too short for my body type, cutting me off about an inch above my ankle. Now if you model for a living, they work fine. But if you barely make it to the 5'5" mark, they make you look like a tree stump. Last but def. not least, were the ones I got on sale ($49!!! yay!!), with a heel (to make me look taller), perfect tan shade, high enough not to make me look stumpy and one zipper up the leg for easy on and off access. However, (is there not always a however in these cases?), I am a size 8 (on a good day) and I am pretty sure I chose to ignore the 9 1/2 sizing on said boots. Who needs shoes sizes anyways? Hum. So now, yay, lucky me- I have my pickings of tan boots in my closet but needless to say, they are less than stellar. Today I find myself still on a mission for the perfect pair. I am currently jobless and going back to the student life in a month so my wallet is a tad on the tight side. In the meantime, I will browse the interweb, drooling over my next perfect pair of tan boots.
Top tan boots

Where to Shop

Loeffler Randall $725

Frye $267

Ron Hommerson $103

Eric Michael $180

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