Sunday, February 22, 2009

Red Carpet Oscar Fashion 2009- The Academy Awards at a Glance

oscar iffy1

oscars cream1


Pics courtesy of Just Jared, AP and Getty Images

An In Depth Look at Individual gowns will be posted tomorrow- Oscar Fashion Deconstructed


j e n n a said...

i love SJP's dress so much.
great post :]

Anonymous said...

How could you label Freida Pinto's gown as "iffy?" I thought it was a highlight. It was soft, elegant, with just a *hint* of Bollywood fashion feel. In my book, she was one of the best dressed.

Saucy said...

I liked your post, I did a complete rundown on my blog and we generally agree... although I found SJP to be ill-fitting and maybe fit for someone a little younger, but still a simply gorgeous gown!

All the cream/white gowns were divine. The more I think about it, I agree with your "close but no cigar" list, but my gut reaction was to generally like them when I first saw them, probably because I was at home wearing my jeans and a tee!

I was lucky enough to attend the Emmy Awards in 2004 and all the guests were invited to walk the red carpet. Plus, we arrived a little late and all the stars were there at the same time we (nobodies) were and it was completely nerve-wracking. I was so stressed about wearing the right thing, and nobody even cared who I was! I can't imagine being, say, Anne Hathaway. Yikes!

Ellen Hart said...

Marissa and Amy looked amazing. Their dresses fit perfectly and were unique but not crazy!

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