Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reader Request! What to Wear with a High Waisted Skirt!

I recently purchased a classic black high waist skirt. I need help with what to wear with it without looking like a flight attendant! i need something warm since its the winter season and I'm dying to wear the skirt!

Ok I provided a few ideas below. With regards to warmth, I would add on a pair of thick tights and you should be good to go. Worse case scenario, replace the shoes with some knee high boots (make sure they have heels!)


reader request high waist skirt

Where to Shop
1) T Shirt $10
2) Scarf $16
3) Boots $15
4) Skirt $58
5) Ruffle Top $40
6) Cuff $20
7) Shoes $120
8) Skirt $58

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