Friday, February 27, 2009

Reader Request! Colored Tights for Cheap

HeyI have been wanting a pair of American Apparel tights that everyone seems to be wearing for a long time now. But for a pair of colored tights it seems like alot of money. Do you know of anywhere else I could get colorful tights similar to the ones sold there? Thanks
colored tights for cheap
Where to Shop
Forever 21 $9
Delia's $13


Dana said...

Have you tried WE LOVE COLORS? THey have every style, color imaginable, and all at a cheap price point.

The Possessionista

expressivetaste said...

I'm the ultimate recessionista here and you should catch with me; try flea markets. I found this one lady who buys wholesale products and she gets stuff by Kors, Jacobs and INC just to name some. The clothes were gorgeous, 8 dollars a piece, all tags intact. In between the clothes I found a box full of brand new tights; all colors, all patterns, all lengths and the price? $1 or 10 pairs for $5 dollars.

Recessionista out!

Mark said...

I was actually looking for tights online on Google and this was one of the first results, but I am afraid sometimes Google is not that effective on their search engines, because the page says they are out of stock. Still, the entry was very interesting and at least didn't waste my time reading it! Now I got an idea the one I want for my wife!
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Jims heart said...

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