Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Book This Look- Ashley Tisdale

Ashley image courtesy of Just Jared

Where to Shop
Gladiators- Urban Outfitters $58
Bag- Asos $85
Shades- Asos $31


Anthea said...

Love it! I really like how you take apart outfits and help us get the same look for less. Great blog!

Nikki said...

Love your site, but you will have to forgive me because I don't agree with this post..MK Olsen donned the exact same attire (although she rocked it so much better!) a year ago. She was probably Ashley's inspiration for this whole look, down to the gladiators, t-shirt dress, shades, and the big bag, so it might not be right to call it "the most basic summer 08 look ever," cos it's more like summer 07.

Please dont hate me cos I check your site everyday, i <3 lookbook!

The Exception said...

ohw....I am beginning to wish we had an Australian Apparel....
>_< harumph. LOVE your blog.
Thank you!



Amy said...

most definetly the perfect go-to summer look

Anonymous said...

Anyone have an idea of what brand her actual t-shirt dress is and/or where to get it?

Trendini said...

Thanks Anthea!

Nikki- yes, I am not surprised that MK rocked the look a year before everyone did- good observation! however, she is so ahead of the game that it takes a year for everyone to catch on. not many ppl were rocking this last year but this year, its pretty much mainstream which is why its an 08 look. 07 peeps were not ready for it! :)

The Exception_ can you not order it online? check their website ;)

Thanks Amy!

As for the actual dress, I am not sure where it is from, sorry...