Monday, June 09, 2008

Shoptox...who is with me?

Dearest Lookbook readers,

A few months ago, I decided to begin my Shoptox journey- not shop for 40 days. Once the 40 days were over, I felt refreshed, invigorated and centered. I also felt I played a role in diminishing waste for the environment (the less I purchased, the less there was to throw away). Oddly enough, getting ready in the morning became easier. I know longer had angst over what to wear. There were no new pieces in my wardrobe to mix with the existing. I had a defined wardrobe, life was good. Then Shoptox ended and I went a bit buck wild.
Well, I now feel that the time is right to embark upon yet another Shoptox journey- this time for 50 days! It hurts me to write this but I do love to test myself.
Wish me luck…who is with me?


Diva said...

you should consult with enc over at she is successfully in month 5 of a 6 month "shoptox". I on the other hand have implemented a different practice of really weighing the pro and cons of purchases and also waiting some purchases out to see if i really want it.

ciscalim said...

seriously?? Bravo girl. salud!

I tried shoptox for the first week and went ballistic the same weekend. i've given up.

but you GO GIRL!

Anonymous said...

Your last shoptox inspired me to do the same. I lasted a whole month (which I'm proud of). :) I don't know if I'm quite ready again. I'll probably shoptox for July, but the summer months are so challenging, especially since fall lines are starting to poke their ways into stores (my favourite fashion season). But let's face it, I'm broke and probably won't have a choice anyway. So good luck to you, and good luck to me in July, I guess. :)

Duane Reade said...

Good luck and congrats on being a blog of note. I'm going to recommend your blog to my gf.

Does it count as a Shoptox if you continue to buy stuff BUT you return it all?

Trendini said...

Diva- ill check enc out. wow, 5-6 months is pretty impressive!! what you are doing is good as well- waiting it out to see if you really want it. most of the time we forget about that piece amd start focusing on another!

Ciscalim- just because it does not work out the first time does not mean shoptox is not for you. I had tried it a few times in the past and was unsuccessful...but it takes determination and you need to avoid the stores so that you are not tempted! thanks for the words of encouragement!

anonymous- Thanks! I am happy that you were able tot do it as well! it is liberating non? yeah if fall is your fave season, maybe july is not the best time...but good luck! if you did it once for a month, you can def. do it again!!

Duane reade- thanks!!! ah...good question...i guess you make up your own rules if it counts or not when you return a piece. you know what...if it works for you, then yes, you can buy and return as in theory, you are not adding to your wardrobe :)

Cheryl M said...

I am doing a low-impact consumption month, similar to the shoptox for the month of July. My problem isn't fashion so much as it's fabric, patterns and other crafting items. Good luck to you!

Trendini said...

Hi Cheryl
thanks! good luck to you as well! i like the low impact comsumption month concept...its an easy way to slide into this shoptox business...I am finding it pretty hard. I think I am on like day I have a looong way to go!!